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975 University Avenue 
Suite 3260
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-263-7680/1-800-940-7232
Contact:  Rena Gelman
Website: www.wisconsinsbdc.org

The Wisconsin Business AnswerLine is staffed by experienced entrepreneurs to give instant answers to small business owners and their staff in the state of Wisconsin. We have an extensive document library, phone and web resources available at the phone counselors' fingertips to use while on the phone with the caller. These resources can also be e-mailed to the caller to answer their questions quickly and efficiently. The most commonly asked questions deal with starting a business, business planning, permits and licensing, insurance, legal entity types and business financing. The AnswerLine was created as a statewide resource for the Wisconsin Small Business Development Centers. The AnswerLine merged with the Wisconsin Department of Commerce's Help Bus line in August of 2004.

Main Services:

Business Planning
Permits & Licensing

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El Wisconsin Small Business Development Center ayuda a los dueños y administradores de negocios pequeños ofreciéndoles referencias, asesoría y entrenamiento. A través de todo el estado con sus doce oficinas de la Universidad de Wisconsin, el SBDC puede ayudarlo a comenzar, hacerlo crecer y administrar su negocio o empresa pequeña.

Ofrecemos cursos sobre negocios en línea y en español.

Wisconsin Business AnswerLine

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