The Wisconsin SBDC now offers PROBE (PROmoting Business Excellence) strategic planning and performance benchmarking assistance. In a recent survey, Wisconsin businesses owners expressed a desire for better benchmarking tools. To meet that need, the SBDC has partnered with the PROBE Network, a global network focused on the adoption and transfer of business excellence. PROBE facilitators are supported by benchmarking software powered by global business data.

The PROBE process provides companies with a diagnostic analysis and delivers it in a compressed timeframe. PROBE facilitators—located at SBDC service centers at four-year UW campuses across the state—guide the company’s staff through a comprehensive performance review. Together they identify and prioritize areas for business development and improvement.

The PROBE process of team engagement at all levels of the company builds to better and “stickier” implementation of results. When you have a team working on excellence, you have more people rowing the boat, and that increases your competitiveness.

PROBE Process:

  • Rapidly examine the company’s performance and compare it to benchmarks

  • Pull the best employees into performance planning and mobilize them for improved competitiveness

  • Compare where the company is now to where it will be at its best and then move ever closer to that goal

Operating on six continents, PROBE brings profitable changes to new companies every day. The SBDC is pleased to bring this powerful program to Wisconsin’s manufacturers and small businesses. 

For a referral to a PROBE facilitator in your area or to request other business services, call the Wisconsin Business AnswerLine, 1-800-940-7232.

Participant Comments:

“PROBE helped to expose areas in need of improvement or development . . .. Without the PROBE experience, it may not have had the project priority it now has.  PROBE was a very good experience.”

“Front line job holders felt empowered in that they had a direct impact on the benchmarking exercise.”

- Operations Manager, Convenience Electronics Inc.

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