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Green Bay Entrepreneur Makes Use of Passion and the SBDC


The showroom at Nell’s Wigs and Boutique, featuring an array of products and adorned with local art and words of inspiration, demonstrates the warmth and security which is central to owner Stacey Nellen-Kolze’s mission of caring, compassion and service.   

Nell’s Wigs and Boutique in Green Bay serves primarily the needs of women seeking products and services for medical hair loss, therapeutic massage and post-breast surgery. The idea took root in 2007 when Nellen-Kolze opened a wig shop in conjunction with another local business. As her own business grew, so did her vision and her desire to serve others. In 2011 she decided to strike out on her own. Now Nell’s employs two people and has expanded its services to include message therapy and a Mastectomy Boutique. The road to success for Nell’s, like any small business story, hit highs and lows, and Nellen-Kolze did not get there alone.

Valuable assistance

For help in starting and growing her business, Nellen-Kolze has utilized assistance from E-Hub (formerly Urban Hope) and the UW-Green Bay Small Business Development Center (SBDC). “There is absolutely no way that Nell’s would have gotten off the ground without E-Hub and the SBDC,” says Nellen-Kolze. “It wasn’t until I started working with E-Hub in 2006 and the SBDC shortly thereafter that I truly felt like Nell’s would become a reality.”

Chuck Brys, SBDC Business Counselor, worked closely with Nellen-Kolze as her business plan transformed into something entirely new. “Stacey worked with E-Hub to develop her original business plan of selling wigs for theatre, fashion and fun. As Stacey’s focus changed, the SBDC helped transition her changing vision into a business that served the needs of women experiencing hair loss and physical changes due to medical issues,” says Brys. “What always impressed me about Stacey was her passion for what she is doing. That is why her business really took off. Primarily, the SBDC helped her to understand her business from a financial standpoint and to translate that passion into a business model.”

Future plans

The original business plan won E-Hub’s Outstanding New Business Plan award in 2011, and Nellen-Kolze continues to work with E-Hub as she plans for the future. She also works closely with the SBDC toward the goal of securing the necessary certifications to work with guests receiving Medicare. “Chuck Brys has been a valuable member of my team as we work toward becoming accredited to serve Medicare users,” says Nellen-Kolze. “Chuck helped to develop the financial plan necessary and also helped to develop three-year projections for accreditation.”

As both her vision and her customer base grow, Nellen-Kolze forges ahead, establishing new relationships with area hospitals and medical clinics and gathering an increasing number of referrals for her products and services. She always looks at new ways to serve her guests with an eye toward continued growth, as well as local and possibly even national franchising – a move suggested by Brys and the SBDC.

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